The look of your workforce is often the first impression of your business. Here are just a few of the benefits you’ll get out of a uniform program:

Brand Image – Employee apparel speaks volumes about how your company is perceived. That is why an image program is so important. VF is the absolute best at unique uniforms that compliment your brand and meet your needs.
Consistency – An image program is an extension of your brand and helps ensure consistency. You can rest assured knowing that your customers see the image you intend.
Compliance and Safety – Uniforms can serve as your best line of defense against workplace injuries. Plus, certain workwear - like our hi-visibility or flame-resistant garments - are designed to meet government safety requirements which keep your employees and your business compliant.
Financial Impact – By partnering with VF Imagewear, you get the image program you need within your budget. Plus, uniforms can help improve your bottom line. A professional appearance helps improve employee morale, which directly impacts customer satisfaction. A satisfied customer leads to a loyal customer – and brand loyalty ultimately increases profits.
Value – VF Imagewear is the benchmark for value-added service in the uniform industry and meets its ever-growing demands promptly, efficiently and effectively with the help of our extensive distribution network.